Sound Incorporated Makes Donation to Naperville Area Humane Society


Recently, Sound Incorporated held an employee Art Auction. There were 26 pictures that were being recycled from the office and were placed in a lively employee silent auction. The auction was held in the Sound Incorporated warehouse, which was temporarily renamed Studio 1550. The Sound Incorporated staff and…

Where Do Drones Fit in With Security?


When It Comes to Securing a Drone, Think of It As a Flying Device

It is estimated that a million drones enter the world’s airspace each month. In addition to serving a variety of military applications, these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are also used to capture images in dangerous locations,…

Still Not Doing Anything? Chances Are Your Competitors Are!

So you’re considering making the move, and you know that your competitors may already be ahead of you, but did you know 74% of companies are already evaluating Unified Communications (UC) in the cloud? Additionally 51% of companies plan to increase their cloud spending in 2016. It’s not just…

Yes, Cloud is Inevitable, Even in Security

By Steve Van Till, President & CEO, Brivo Inc.

On February 11, Netflix announced the complete migration of all IT infrastructure to the Amazon Web Services cloud. Yes—all of it. 100%. Every single IT function—hundreds of them—including billing, customer and employee data management, analytics, big data, video transcoding, and even…

Dinner is On Us! Connect Your Business to ShoreTel!

We wanted to personally invite you to our upcoming free seminar about how to “Connect Your Business with ShoreTel”.

We’re finding that many companies don’t realize the power of their phone systems in fostering business growth. With that in mind, we will be introducing many of the new breakthroughs in business…

Learn How Sound Incorporated Can Connect Your Business

You may not have realized it, but today’s phone systems are designed to drive business growth. While companies are looking everywhere for ways to differentiate themselves and provide new value to their clients, phone systems are often overlooked.

Join us on Thursday, April 28th at 2:30 pm at Maggiano’s in Naperville for drinks…

Solid Emergency Communication Solutions for Today’s Clinics

Sound Incorporated has been a communication solution provider for 53 years. As the healthcare industry and procedures have changed over the years, so have Sound’s communication solutions.

Medical facilities and clinics have changed with the needs and wants of their patients and insurance providers. No longer are patients treated only…

A 10-Question Evaluation for Your Phone System

Today’s business environment is fast-paced and competitive. Technology makes it possible for you to know your customers and your customers to know your business within moments. A customer can give feedback about your business then let others know about their own experience within a few easy clicks.

Most likely, you’re…




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