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Successfully communicate during a normal school day or in an emergency. Ensuring you keep everyone connected and protected.

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Keep Students and Staff Safe

It’s more important than ever to keep everyone in your school and your district informed, alert, and aware. When faced with an emergency, your team wants a system that is automatic and comprehensive. Our Education Solutions help keep students and staff connected, allowing for decisive, protective measures during:

These plans include:

  • Everyday communications
  • School closing
  • Unexpected weather
  • Lockdowns
  • Other emergencies

Our systems help keep everyone in your district safe. With Sound, you’re never alone.

How it Works

Smart Days, Smart Scheduling

A smooth school day relies on scheduling and keeping everyone where they need to be. Our team partners with you to develop a system specifically designed to help manage events, schedules, and communications throughout your district.

In addition to your daily communications, these systems help your team:

  • Synchronize bells and clocks to your network
  • Manage calendars remotely or in one central location
  • Program your systems for no school days and/or automated multi-use facility changes

We understand you have no time to waste. Our team designs systems unique to your district focused on improving your operations while keeping you prepared for an emergency.

Tailored Education Solutions

School Security and Communication Solutions

Critical Communications

Advanced paging, intercom, security, and electronic access control systems help school districts communicate district-wide about important issues. Whether you’re dealing with a weather event or a lockdown situation, critical communications provide a first line of defense.

Event Management

Every event is different. You can create a system of discrete alarms and alerts based on the specific situation. Whether you are planning for a typical day or preparing for an emergency, our tools gives you flexibility and control.

Paging and Intercom

Our advanced paging and intercom system design keeps people informed when they need it the most. Focused on interfacing with your current systems, our teams give you the flexibility for technology including IP intercoms, traditional intercoms, hybrid intercoms, and paging systems.

Mass Notification

In times of need, proactive mass notification with a cascading and automated system alerts student, staff, parents, first responders, and other schools in your district during times of an emergency. Everyone who needs to be alerted will be notified automatically.

School Time Control

Improve the flow of the day by managing your clocks and ensuring your school is on schedule. With access to the latest systems, Sound helps your team select the right system including browser-based bell scheduling, wireless clocks, hardwired clocks, and more.

Technology Spotlight

Automated Sequencing

When an event requiring mass notification occurs, you need a system that will alert everyone that is needed. Automated sequencing starts with a simple press of a button and radiates outward to whomever needs to be notified. This sends emails and/or texts to admins across the district, to first responders, and to whomever else needs to be notified.

With no margin for error, automated sequencing takes the guesswork out of a developing situation.

Thorough Needs Assessment

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to protecting your school and school district. Our highly trained team sits with you for a full and thorough needs-assessment interview to understand the best way to protect your people. We’ll guide you through plans that address your existing technology, your budget, your goals, and more.

No one knows your school better than you. We know the tools you’ll need to keep it safe. Let’s begin that conversation.

Full System Engineering and Architecture

It’s more than just the technology for our teams. We’re here to partner with you to design and implement a comprehensive security and communication system for your school and district. Our experts create and implement a system that meets all of your needs.

You’ve entrusted us with your security and communications. Through our vetted partners and approved technology, our top goal is to deserve that honor.

Education Partners

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