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Healthcare Solutions

Technology experts focused on helping you deliver an engaging and positive experience

When a patient or visitor enters your healthcare organization, Sound has technology working to provide a positive experience for their visit. With this experience in mind, we implement healthcare technology solutions to:

  • Protect and track visitors at your hospitals and clinics
  • Provide digital displays to share your message throughout the building
  • Ease the workflow and improve the processes of your nursing staff
  • Meet current compliance and standards that you are addressing
  • Increase patient and caregiver satisfaction and engagement

We believe in your mission. We’re proud to serve the healthcare market and help you improve patient care.

Solutions to Address Your Technology Needs

Technology implementation and processes focused on patient care, standards, and budgets for your healthcare organization.


Protecting your patients and staff is critical for your healthcare organization. From visitor tracking and management to handling emergency communications, our systems focus on ways to keep everyone safe allowing your team to focus on patient and visitor care.


Improve your staff communication, announcements, and how your staff has meetings. From way-finding and digital signage to mass notification and intercom solutions, our team will find the AV solution to enhance the experience of everyone in your building.



Focused on connecting your people, buildings, and technologies, our connectivity teams support the core of your communication and security systems. We assess your business and technical needs to connect you with the right plan for your organization.


Deliver the best possible care while creating a successful work environment for your team. Use technology to enhance workflow and create a process that optimizes your clinical outcomes.

Technology Spotlight

Smart Displays to Facilitate Visitor Movement

Your visitors need an easier way to find their loved ones, access open rooms, and have a more comfortable stay. Our AV solutions create give you exciting displays, making it easier on your visitors. This improves patient experience and eases the burden on your staff.


Communication is Key to a Better Patient Experience

Ambulance to triage. Triage to a private room. In-patient to out-patient.

Throughout the patient experience, seamless and constant communication ensures everyone has what they need to maximize care.

Our goal is to make sure your team has what they need to provide the best possible patient experience.

Healthcare Solutions from Healthcare Experts

We’ve worked in the healthcare sector for decades and know what it takes to provide technology solutions specific to the healthcare environment. Focused on a clean environment, and technology that addresses your processes and patient care, our teams are approved for installation in any room of the hospital.

You’ll have a dedicated team of experts working directly with you to create a one-of-a-kind system, tailored to your needs. We respect your mission and what it takes to implement a system without disrupting your vital work.

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