As we move into the next phase of Reopening there are a number of challenges business organizations may face to ensure they are meeting the criteria outlined by their State and the CDC. In addition to meeting the criteria, there is a goal to provide as many touchless options when available to limit the contact exposure to high traffic areas and offer a sense of security to employees, visitors and guests. Although it may seem daunting to navigate and understand all the options and how to leverage existing systems with new solutions, Sound can assist. We have developed a list of considerations and the technologies that are available.

Initial Considerations:

  • What is your return-to-work procedure?
  • Will you have different plans for different employees?
  • Will you be staging the reopen to various employees over a period of time or all at once?
  • How will you clearly communicate your plan and procedures?
  • Will you be opening to non-employee visitors?
  • What technologies do you currently have that can be utilized for the reopen?
  • What new solutions do you require for reopening?

What Should Be Included in Your Return-to-Work Plan?

  • Screening Employees & Guests
  • Controlling Access to the Facility
  • Occupancy Guidelines
  • Communicating Clearly

EMPLOYERS SHOULD MAKE TEMPERATURE CHECKS AVAILABLE FOR EMPLOYEES: There are a number of thermal options available with a variety of price points, based on your specific needs. Whether you use a stand-alone tablet, thermal cameras placed in key entry locations, check-in kiosks or other analytics; many provide an accurate hands free temperature check of guests and employees prior to entry.

WORK SPACES RECONFIGURED TO MAINTAIN APPROPRIATE DISTANCING WITH MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY OF 50%: Consider access control, occupancy sensors and real-time people counting to limit people from creating hot spots or gathering in areas beyond recommended guidelines. Use audit reports to stagger schedules and restrict access privileges to accommodate safe numbers per site. Create restricted entrance points to properly manage traffic within your facility.

ALL EMPLOYEES THAT CAN WORK FROM HOME SHOULD DO SO: Sound offers the best work-from-home solutions available in the market to keep your team connected. Whether you  need to establish a unified communications platform, provide web-conferencing collaboration or create a call center with remote access features as robust as on-site applications, let our experts navigate the options best suited to your business. If you need to increase your bandwidth, provide connectivity to remote employees or provide security for all the remote access into your network, we can design the best solution for speed, security and redundancy.

VISUAL SIGNAGE POSTED THROUGHOUT FACILITIES REGARDING HYGIENE, SOCIAL DISTANCING, AND MORE: In the changing environment of returning to work, utilize your unified communications and digital signage to clearly communicate any new policies, recommended healthy hygiene & distancing regulations. Clearly communicate your message while assuring employees and guests their safety is your number one priority. Amplify the message with your paging and critical communications platform, where and when needed.

SANITATION STATIONS READILY AVAILABLE FOR EMPLOYEE AND CUSTOMER USE: Sound offers Sanitation Stations that not only provide access to healthy hygiene but also track use to make sure stations are located in effective areas where they will be most utilized. Include your visitor management application within a station and clearly understand guest access to your facility, communicate visitor guidelines and ensure safe entry and contact tracing with appropriate reporting.

    Utilizing the tools available to you and leveraging existing technology investments with new solutions, you can protect your workforce as you reopen. Let Sound assist with reviewing current challenges and implementing new solutions. We’ve vetted the technologies and work with proven solutions to ensure your investment is leveraged across the organization and beneficial beyond the first step in returning to work. As a summary, a few technologies to consider:

  • Thermal Entrance Control Solutions
  • Visitor Management – With Touchless Format
  • Mobile Credential Readers
  • Sentry Multi-Factor Cards with On-Board Biometrics
  • Digital Signage and Wayfinding
  • Automated & Critical Communications
  • Remote Work-From-Home Solutions
  • Carrier Bandwidth with Increased Security
  • Analytics for Heat Mapping, Contact Tracing & Social Distancing

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