Hospitals today are continuously looking to provide the best quality of care while working within budgets and developing workflow solutions to improve efficiencies. With the advancement of software and AI increasing the availability of useful data for the caregivers, it is important to also consider the patient and their experience, not losing site of the personal and familiar touch. Many hospitals are looking to improve the patient experience by providing technology by way of education, entertainment and engagement.

With the HCI MediaCare platform, hospitals can provide a simple stand-alone or fully integrated entertainment solution to educate, entertain and inform the patients and families.

  • Educate: pre-load multi-media content (videos and images) onto the patient in-room televisions to share educational information on procedures, prescriptions, conditions, and treatments. Through the HUB you are able to offer Android™ apps that interact with and teach patients and their families the supplemental information they need.
  • Entertain: pre-load movies onto the TV network for on-demand access, including the ability to connect to apps via patient login that provides the at-home experience in hospital. All login and content information is immediately deleted upon patient move or discharge. With the ability to access apps and download games the patients and their families, young and not so young have the resources to modify their entertainment during their stay.
  • Inform: with the ability to customize content you can market your healthcare facility to patients and their visitors via the connected TV network. Automated or on-demand messages can be sent directly to the TV whiteboard, HUB connected TV or Bedmate. Send informative information on visiting hours, chapel information, support groups or changes in the care team. Provide web links to helpful resources and patient satisfaction surveys.

How does the patient engage with all of this information and entertainment content? Utilize the existing TV with the HUB, display to the intelligent whiteboard, provide convenience with the BedMate, use the integrated pillow speaker for control. You choose what option is best for the level of care suited to the environment.

By utilizing the MediaCare software, not only is the patient experience tailored to them but you are able to connect all the important patient information, making for the most integrated patient room to date. The benefits to the hospital?

  • Improve patient health
  • Streamline clinician workflows
  • Deliver significant cost savings, increase ancillary hospital revenue, and protect reimbursement revenue

At Sound, our goal is to provide a patient engagement and education system that will focus on improved ease of use, integration with existing healthcare applications and systems, and the extensive customizability of the Android platform.

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