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Government Solutions

Tighter Security, Enhanced Communications, Quicker Response Times

When you are responsible for government technology solutions, you have a lot of stakeholders to please. Sound recognizes that you have a duty to citizens and taxpayers, strict purchasing regulations to follow, and the highest security standards to adhere to. We take your requirements seriously and ensure you have technology to fit both your infrastructure and goals. Our teams work diligently to help give you:

  • High level security solutions that protect people, data, and properties
  • Command centers that control security from anywhere.
  • A/V systems that help you communicate in-person, across town, or around the world
  • Unified cloud or on-premise systems that coexist with legacy technology
  • Mass notification tools to support you in the case of an emergency

Whether you’re a federal, state, or local body, we will create a system to fit your needs and budget.

Solutions to Address Your Technology Needs

Integrated services and technologies to address the needs and budgets of your government offices.


Government buildings can be targets for physical and cyber-attacks. Protecting your people, properties, and data is an integral part of your responsibility. Whether you are controlling access to a highly secure building, communicating with first responders or managing cybersecurity plans, our goal is to protect everything that matters to your constituents.


Communication is a key part of what you do, holding meetings with community members or partners across town or around the world can be an everyday occurrence. With AV focused on clear communications, it is important to get your message out while also hearing what your people have to say. We’ll help you show that efficient and effective communications are a priority for your leaders.


Our cloud or on-premise based solutions are selected to connect people, properties, and your technologies. We bring together the right partners and tools that not only help you communicate but help you select the right technology for your infrastructure. Our plans help your systems to integrate seamlessly while improving your bottom line.

Government Technology Solutions Based On Your Needs

A public university has different needs than a public works office, which has different needs than a city council. We know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to serving your needs.

To support the different facets of your organization, we walk through a needs assessment in order to ensure any new technology aligns with your desired results. This helps us better understand the requirements of your existing technologies, approved vendors, and most importantly your short-and-long term goals.

Government Solutions from Government Experts

In the government sector you have several duties and responsibilities to all your stakeholders. Our experience with governments of varying types allows us to quickly understand your requirements, simplifying your role in technology integration.

Whether you are getting input from multiple stakeholders or managing to your procurement standards and regulations, our team supports your internal processes. We help guide you through the design process and support you in communicating how technology can improve how you work with those you serve.

You have important work to do. We’ll work with you to get it done.

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