Integrated Technology for the Optimal Patient Experience

Technology solution design that is focused on engaging patient care and making positive change for your staff while improving your organizational processes.

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Your Patients and Staff are at the Forefront of What We Do

Caring for your patients and creating a better work environment for your team is at the core of what you do, which makes it our priority. Sound’s Healthcare Team works diligently with you and your staff to find the best way to elevate patient care, improve the team’s workday, and help you create operational efficiencies while adhering to necessary compliance standards.

Streamline Workflow While Improving Your Environment

There are critical areas of your environment that technology can streamline for your team to function at its best. Our goal is to design solutions specific to your team that improve the patient experience. With this goal in mind, we integrate the necessary technologies to streamline workflow and prioritize what you need to effectively and efficiently take care of your patients. With proven solutions and processes our team creates a technology experience that is customized to help you succeed:

  • Enhance your patient experience and elevate patient satisfaction scores
  • Create a safer environment reducing falls risks (and other safety incidents)
  • Provide seamless communication tools transparent to leadership
  • Increase efficiency and improving your HCAHPS scores
  • Improve caregiver’s satisfaction and morale, boosting employee retention
  • Provide reporting tools to identify opportunities for improvement

We take care of the technology, so your team can take care of the patient.

A Collaborative Approach to Meet Your Needs

Knowing how important it is to help a variety of stakeholders in your organization, we bring in our specialists to address each one of your needs. Whether it is how to change your workflow, how the technology will integrate with your current infrastructure or how your team will be trained, the Sound team has a partner for you.

Your Healthcare Team

  • Healthcare director/client advocate
  • Project management (healthcare and IT)
  • In-house training support
  • Application implementation team
  • Application and systems trainer
  • Clinical applications specialist
  • IT professional services
  • Factory trained service technicians and installers

Working Together for Ideal Outcomes

Our healthcare experts help you create scalable solutions that grow with you while giving you the solutions you need today. It’s a three-part collaborative process.

  • Fact-Finding
    • We make sure that every stakeholder is included. We will collaborate with clinical teams, your IT Department, leadership, and any other appropriate discipline. Our experience in the healthcare sector helps us identify the information that matters.
  • Road-Mapping
    • We work with your team to identify the technology needed to create a lean process, improve workflow, and heighten communications. Every aspect of the plan is integrated into a comprehensive solution.
  • Implementation
    • Our team coordinates with everyone involved to ensure sure they are on the same page to successfully deliver your specific solution that was determined in the Fact-Finding and Road-Mapping phase. We verify the plan is implemented and installed correctly.

We work with your team to identify the technology needed to create a lean process, improve workflow, and streamline information/communications. Every aspect of the plan is communicated with your team utilizing online tools to provide complete project visibility, current project status and next steps.

Technology Spotlight

Engage, Educate, and Entertain Your Patients and Visitors

Focused on the best quality care, technology can give your patients a more personal and familiar touch. Our new entertainment solution platform utilizes technology to educate, entertain and inform patients and families as well as helps you to:

  • Enhance the patient healing environment
  • For the patient: provide next procedures, exams, caregiver team names & pictures
  • For the family: provide visitor and caregiver logs, education and discharge planning


Integrated Communication Solutions

Workflow Optimization

Efficiency of your workflow and critical communications can take your patient care to another level. The right systems are key to give you:

  • Streamlined processes in day to day operations
  • Automated reminders, rounding, pain reassessment, catheter changes
  • Reduction in missed patient events
  • Inter-department simplified communications
  • Simplified EMR integration
  • Integrated activity reports and dashboarding

Critical Communications with Rauland Responder Enterprise

Real Time Visibility and Automation

Real-Time Location Systems can improve your patient experience by making your operations move faster while still being more organized. These systems provide you:

  • Nurse call integration for room presence and automation
  • Caregiver time at bedside
  • Workflow mapping for caregiver location and efficiency review
  • Caregiver safety and duress/assist notification

Real-Time Location Systems with Midmark RTLS

Patient and Family Engagement

Engage patients as part of their healthcare journey, providing tools and resources including:

  • Patient entertainment, education, relaxation tools
  • Drug, procedure, program, dietary educational modules
  • Caregiver and patient real time status boards
  • Patient caregiver and visitor log
  • Healthcare interpretive tools
  • EMR integration

Patient engagement provided in partnership with HCI-TV

Communication and Collaboration

Communication is imperative when lives are involved, Sound’s team helps bring solutions to you that:

  • Reduce alarm fatigue
  • Streamline collaboration
  • Simplify mobile communications
  • Advanced integration with other hospital systems
  • Provide staff protection and safety
  • Reduce documentation with EMR integration

Integration and support provided by the team at Sound Inc.


Your healthcare operations might not be limited to one facility or hospital. Our cloud-based systems can connect multiple locations with each other, assuring easy transfer of data and information to keep your internal and patient-facing systems running smoothly. 

A good technology partner can help you scale up. We’re here for your enterprise operations.


A clinic will be pulling in information from many different sources. All of that needs to be integrated in a way that gives any nurses, doctors, or attendants the data they need to help whatever patient they’re seeing. 

We can help design a system that integrates into or replaces your current technology without overwhelming your process. No matter your size, we can help you improve your workflow.

The Sound Healthcare Environment

Our customer base and expertise extends from the Independent Living Community to large Hospital Networks. We provide solutions for all points of care in the healthcare environment.

  • Independent Living Community
  • Assist Living Community
  • Long Term and Skilled Care
  • Memory Care
  • MOBs, Clinics
  • Surgery Centers
  • Rehab Clinics and Hospitals
  • Acute Care Hospitals
  • Large IDN’s

Healthcare Partners

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