It is a challenge for hospitals, college campuses, schools and corporations alike…how do you provide a welcoming atmosphere for your guests and visitors while still offering a secure and safe environment?

At some time or another, many of us have signed into a guest log and noted our name, reason for visit and who we are visiting…all which are relevant pieces of information but how is that kept confidential for HIPPA compliance, competitive reasons or personal safety? These are just a few questions to consider but open up a world of opportunity and communication if you evaluate what information you need, why you need it and how it would help you to communicate WITH all of those visitors while they are at your facility.

Visitor management is no longer just thought of as an “add on” sale to a security solution, it is a necessary layer to knowing who is in your building and if they have the permissions to be there. Most systems today offer a kiosk entry point that can be as simple as an iPad or Android device at the reception or check in area or a stand-alone solution for self-registration. For identification and access purposes your choices vary from providing a paper badge with or without their photo, a QR code to their phone or activation of a mobile or smart card technology while they are in your facility.

Pre-registration via a web-based application is typical and provides ease of use for your employees to invite guests and administration to review those requests prior to people accessing your facility. Running a check against 3rd party databases or your own internal watchlist can alert security that the individual is intending to visit but may not be allowed.

Integrations are available with your physical access control system, HR software, emergency alert notifications, healthcare HL-7 integrations, vendor management and other 3rd party applications such as loading dock scheduling or large conference attendee events. With or without the integrations, as an owner you can review trends into your facility and have a real time report of who is on site and with whom. In the event you need to provide critical communication information, you can now reach beyond your employees and staff but to all individuals that are on site and registered within the system.

There are a number of solutions available and Sound can help review your current state and map out a solution to fit into your business model, approaching in a phased approach if necessary.

  • Capture: collect visitor information, photo and reason for visit.
  • Communicate: in advance with security, watchlist databases and database integrations. While on-site, with the visitor in real-time.
  • Confirm: that they are allowed on site, that they are within the allowed areas and that they have left the building when planned visit is complete.

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