Unifying Your Technology Through True Connectivity Solutions

Partnering with you to create secure and unified communications throughout your operations. The experience of the Sound team helps you develop, manage, and implement the technology you need to connect your systems and your business.

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Your Entire Network, on One System

For decades, Sound has been a leader in on-premise connectivity solutions. Now we’re also your experts in the cloud. We bring together the right technology in a tailored plan that fits your unique needs. Our services include:

Our services include:

  • Designing technology plans unique to your business
  • Determining cost saving applications 
  • Installation management
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Program management

We’re not just a service, we’re your partners in connecting and securing your entire system. On-premise, in the cloud, or wherever you need, we bring everything together.

Managing Your Technology

On Premise. In the Cloud. A Hybrid Approach. We Tailor a Technology Solution How You Need it.

Every organization is different and so is your approach to managing your technology. You may have several locations to manage or you may be helping your team to communicate around the world. With changes in the latest technology, your infrastructure, communications and other technology platforms can live anywhere. Whether your systems reside in on-premise servers or a secure and custom cloud, we will partner with your IT department or handle the IT side of your solutions entirely. 

We partner with you to design and implement an approach that fits your business.

Technology Spotlight

The Sound Success Plan for You

Sound works with over 100 service providers directly to share our engineering and expertise to walk you through your IT journey.

Partnering with Sound brings you:

  • Specialized Skills
  • Lifelong Service
  • Actionable Data
  • Consistency
  • Personalized Solutions
  • Supported Implementation Process
  • Promised Savings

Unified Communications

Connect Your People

With unified communications central to your infrastructure and your business model. Our team focuses on tools that streamline your operations while connecting your team. These integral business solutions include: 

  • On-premise or cloud unified communications systems
  • Voice applications – voice and data network design, business VoIP and unified communications and cloud phone systems
  • Hosted unified communications – collaboration and video, unified messaging and voicemail
  • Contact center solutions – contact center CRM, web chat for contact center, multimedia contact center, custom applications for contact centers
  • Mobility and BYOD solutions

We work with you to create a system that ties into your phone, A/V, and all communication systems to make sure your team stays connected no matter where they are.


Connect Your Technologies

Your team has limitless choices for systems and ways to connect all of your technologies. The experience of the Sound team and partners helps you to bring your technologies together in an efficient and unified solution. No matter the direction you are going, we can help you with:

  • Network audit and analysis
  • Colocation and data center services
    • Back up as a Service (BaaS)
    • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS)
  • Wireless WAN and SD-WAN network services
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Managed Office 365

We’ll make sure you have the right technology infrastructure in place to meet the needs of your business.

Carrier Services

Connect Your Property

Constant communication is vital to your business and not all carrier services are created equal. Our teams work with your business to determine which options best meet your needs for performance, cost and resilience. Our carrier services help to:

  • Guide you through the process of choosing which service provider to use
  • Serve as your point of contact for contract management
  • Mix and match the best services to fit your needs and budget
  • Support you and any questions you have on any service or billing needs

Bringing you the best technical and business solutions in one, we make sure you cost effectively stay connected to the rest of the world.


Protect Your Connections

Your data and your systems are some of your most valuable assets. We’ll work with you to understand your systems and how to keep them secure.  Our teams can help you by:

  • Identifying key areas that need protection
  • Providing a detailed assessment of your security risks
  • Delivering remediation and response in case of a breach 
  • Giving you access to 24/7 monitoring resources 
  • Selecting and managing the right vendors for your needs 

Based on a full cybersecurity assessment, we’ll work with you to build you a plan you can depend on.

We Have You Covered

We’re Your Path to Connectivity

Choosing between technology vendors isn’t how you want to spend your time. You’re not in the business of deciding what network infrastructure you need. Designing and implementing cybersecurity systems isn’t your job. 

It’s our job. 

We have the team and the experience to know what it’ll take to give you the connectivity you need to grow your business, bring together your people, scale your operations, and protect what matters. We’re your partner for a better organization.


We Are Your Resource

Your team has limitless choices for systems and ways to connect all of your technologies. Pathfinder consolidates all the choices and information available to power you forward.

Remotely visit over 1600 data centers worldwide, map every fiber line across the United States, compare vendor choices side by side; as your Trusted Adviser, our tools allow you to efficiently make the optimal choices for your organization.

We anticipate and research the questions that haven’t been asked yet.

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