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We provide innovative technology solutions to improve business efficiencies, communication and security. By utilizing a consultative approach with our customers, we solve for today’s challenges while providing on-going support and technical guidance to ensure their technology investments are well positioned for tomorrow. With our unique positioning of multiple solutions in a variety of verticals we are able to effectively leverage the convergence of technology without unnecessary redundancy.


Our Values

A core value of our company is finding innovative ways to help other organizations with technology. Our team members take this seriously and make it a priority to:

  • Determine how the technologies we integrate improve your organization and the bottom line
  • Find new technology solutions and the latest applications that you need to know about
  • Make sure we have the right partners to deliver the best solution for each client
  • Build relationships with our customers, partners, and each other so we succeed together
  • Ensure that we deliver and leave you with technologies that work for your business

Our Team

Collaborative and Customer Focused

With a mix of seasoned veterans and new faces, our team is like an extended family. We collaborate to help our customers by bringing our areas of expertise (technical and non-technical) together for the greatest possible outcomes.

Technology Partners

We carefully select key partners to help us deliver top-notch technical solutions to our clients. These partners serve as an extension to our team giving us a wider range of products and solutions to provide best in class technologies and services. This will link to the technology partner page.

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Sound is proud to support several industry and local associations that are vital to our business, customers and community. These organizations serve a pivotal role in supporting both our mission and the mission of our customers.

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Preparing Your Facility to Safely Reopen

Preparing Your Facility to Safely Reopen

As we move into the next phase of Reopening there are a number of challenges business organizations may face to ensure they are meeting the criteria outlined by their State and the CDC. In addition to meeting the criteria, there is a goal to provide as many touchless...

Cloud Communications: Why Now is the Time to Shift

Cloud Communications: Why Now is the Time to Shift

How Partners Like FirstComm are Helping Ease the Shift A rapidly growing market. Over the past decade companies across the globe have seen, heard about, or been part of the transition of business communications to the cloud. The concept is by no means a new one, but...

UCaaS: Using the Cloud to Power Your Business Communications

UCaaS: Using the Cloud to Power Your Business Communications

A technology that supports your business success by delivering exceptional employee and customer experiences. In today’s modern world of technology, a UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) partner can leverage the benefits of the cloud to help with faster mobile...

Welcoming but Secure

Welcoming but Secure

It is a challenge for hospitals, college campuses, schools and corporations alike…how do you provide a welcoming atmosphere for your guests and visitors while still offering a secure and safe environment? At some time or another, many of us have signed into a guest...

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