Monitoring Solutions for Your

School, Business or Residence

Sound Incorporated’s monitoring solutions reduce your operating costs, increase reliability and deliver the speed you need to succeed. Our UL-listed technology-based central monitoring stations are bi-directionally redundant, delivering always live signal traffic among centers.

  • Radio monitoring
  • Medical emergency
  • Hold-up/panic
  • UL fire monitoring
  • Commercial burglary
  • Residential burglary and fire

Alternative Solutions

We support all dial-up digital communication formats. If you can program it into your alarm panel, Sound Incorporated can support it. We also support several alternative solutions for primary and secondary communications.

  • Internet Monitoring with Mobile Phone Apps
  • Radio Monitoring – Wireless

SiNET and Sitelink24

When you need to deliver messages across sites fast, Sound Incorporated has you covered with SiNET and Sitelink solutions.

SiNET is a private two-way wireless mesh alarm communications network comprised of smart subscriber units that act as a receiver, transmitter and repeater. Alarm sites are linked to the network by this smart device. Signals follow the shortest most reliable route insuring fast, reliable alarm communications.

  • Less expensive than legacy telephone, radio tower and cellular-based alarm systems
  • Ideal for UL fire monitoring and commercial and residential burglary

SiteLink24 makes it easy for you to engage your security, climate, lighting and video systems from anywhere, anytime. Benefits and features include:

  • Secure, virtual access to your system from your smartphone
  • Ability to check the status of your system, arm or disarm it instantly – anytime, anywhere
  • Bypass zones
  • View event log and notifications via SMS or email
  • Manage multiple systems from one convenient app

Carefree Monitoring, Inspections

& Maintenance

Stop worrying about the integrity of your monitoring system. Know it’s safe with Sound Incorporated’s NFPA-compliant maintenance and inspection service.

Fire protection and life safety systems are very important.  If not maintained properly, fire equipment will become useless, potentially risking life and property.  The key to safety at the workplace is the development of a program that delivers regular inspections, testing and maintenance of the life safety systems.

We thoroughly test all of your system components for proper operation and can significantly reduce unwanted false alarms by keeping your smoke detectors clean and ready to respond at the required sensitivity level. We provide detailed documentation after every inspection, as outlined by the NFPA.

Features and benefits of our 24/7 service include:

  • Fire alarm inspections
  • Extinguisher inspections
  • Automatic sprinkler inspections
  • Backflow certification
  • Kitchen hood suppression systems
  • Fire pump testing
  • Emergency and exit lighting
  • UL central station monitoring
  • Maintenance Agreements

Get peace of mind that your monitoring systems are in proper working order.





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